Recruitment Information

1. Electrician: 4 people

Requirements: Able to understand electrical schematics, operate and debug electrical equipment, and adapt to short-term business trips.

2. Assembler: 8 people

Job requirements: Able to assemble and debug various mechanical products.

3. Electrical welders: 10 people

Job requirements: capable of all kinds of argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, ordinary electric welding and other work.

4 numerical control processing: 10 people

Requirements: Proficient in operating various numerical control machine tools and machining centers, familiar with mechanical manufacturing, process programming, etc.

5. warehouse management: 2 people

Job requirements: Familiar with warehouse and logistics management processes, and be able to master ERP logistics management procedures.

6. Technical design: 2 people

Job requirements: College degree or above, proficient in CAD drawing, machinery manufacturing and automation majors are preferred.

7. Financial staff: 2 people

Job requirements: Familiar with financial management, accounting-related majors, accounting professional certificates and accounting work experience are preferred.

Welfare treatment:

1. The salary is negotiable, and the five insurances are purchased after passing the entry assessment.

2. Enjoy all kinds of holidays and holiday treatment due to the country.

3. Free working meals, distribution of various labor protection products and holiday items.

4. Provide staff dormitories. After the relocation of the new factory, there will be a shuttle bus to and from get off work.

5. Men and women are not limited, and the age is within 20-45 years old.

Contact number: +86-533-4129899   +86-13573319617

Company address: No. 6 Huacheng Road, Yucheng Town, Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province

New company address: Huacheng Road, Boshan Economic Development Zone

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