Our company has passed IS9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, European Union CE certification, 3A credit system certification by authoritative testing. It is a member of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association and a member of the Medical Gas Equipment Engineering Branch of China Medical Equipment Association. "Currently has 9 domestic dry screw vacuum pump patents and 6 appearance patents."

The VDP series variable pitch screw vacuum pump produced and manufactured by our company is designed and manufactured by German rotor profile technology, adopts three-stage five-stage screw profile structure, and purchases the original German Demage five-axis turning and milling composite machining center for processing and manufacturing, which ensures the screw profile. The optimized design and manufacture of the line, the manufacturing accuracy can reach the error level, which ensures the low-clearance coordination of the screw during the high-speed rotation process, reduces the return flow in the pump, improves the effective pumping speed, low power consumption, low temperature rise, high efficiency and energy saving, It is widely used in domestic pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals and other processes.