What are the advantages of dry screw vacuum pumps?



What are the advantages of dry screw vacuum pumps? Advantages 1. The dry screw vacuum pump has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.


What are the advantages of dry screw vacuum pumps?

Advantages 1. The dry screw vacuum pump has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.

Advantage 2. The dry screw vacuum pump does not consume oil or leak. The equipment only needs a very small amount of circulating system water to cool, and the cost is low.

Compared with the water jet pump and the water ring vacuum pump, based on the continuous solution entering the water storage tank, it is necessary to change the water in the water storage tank regularly or successively to ensure the vacuum value used by the pump, and a large amount of water is lost. In the case of continuous increase in water costs, the cost of using a water jet pump or a water ring vacuum pump is too large. Even if the price of a dry screw vacuum pump is higher than that of a water jet pump or a water ring vacuum pump, its cost is lower, more economical, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Advantage 3. There is no compressed gas in the pump, which is suitable for extracting condensable gas. Compared with the reliability of chemical manufacturing and product quality problems, dry screw vacuum pumps also have their advantages.

In the vacuum pump system we use, there are often many raw materials that need to be reflected with water, and even the hidden dangers of melting and explosion. When the water ring vacuum pump and water jet pump suddenly stop the pump, the water will be sucked back into the vacuum system. Hazardous, it is easy to cause dangerous factors, or serious pollution to product quality problems; while dry screw vacuum pumps have no water and no oil, even if they are backsucked, there will be no hidden dangers or serious pollution, which is more beneficial to reliability and quality assurance.

\Advantage 4. Anti-corrosion performance. The running cavity and the surface layer of the screw motor rotor have anti-corrosion coating, which can be used for harsh operating conditions.





The overcurrent components of dry screw vacuum pumps can be processed by electroplating nickel, which can carry the corrosion of most organic gas and inorganic acid gas. It has been successfully used in distillation systems that extract hydrochloric acid gas contained in toluene. Water ring vacuum pumps are based on inconvenient corrosion protection and are not normally used in acidic systems. Water jet pumps are usually made of polypropylene or glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion materials to prevent corrosion, but these materials are not resistant to long-term melting and corrosion of solutions such as toluene, and organic solutions circulate rapidly in the jet pump system, It is easy to cause electrostatic induction and fire hazards.

Advantage 5. The air pump directly discharges the pump body, does not pollute the water, has no environmental protection pressure, and is more convenient to recover gas.

Vacuum pumps can basically be divided into two types, namely gas transfer pumps and gas trap pumps. With the application of vacuum application technology in the field of production and scientific research, the requirements of the pressure range are getting wider and wider. Most of them need a vacuum pumping system composed of several vacuum pumps to pump together to meet the requirements of the production and scientific research process. Therefore, different types of vacuum pumps are selected. There are more cases where the pumping unit performs pumping. For the sake of convenience, it is necessary to carry out some specific and detailed classification of these pumps according to the working principle or their structural characteristics.

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What are the application fields of dry screw vacuum pumps?

Pharmaceutical, chemical, lithium batteries, new materials, automotive industry, coatings, food processing, packaging, electronic semiconductors and other manufacturing industries.